Just like the mighty dinosaurs who once dominated the Earth, these giants of the sky simply cannot adapt to today’s priorities and requirements.

This video puts it into perspective.

Fuel efficiency for airlines and convenience for passangers are the top priorities. Time is becoming the ultimate luxury in today’s world and nobody wants to waste time in hub airports anymore.

In given context, the 797 seems like a future winner, and a rather appropriate answer to the A321 and the A330. But the interesting part comes after that, in the single aisle market. The 737 Max is obviously a short term solution and Boeing’s last milking of a 50 year old concept. If the 797 will arrive around 2025, the 737 replacement will arrive around 203o. Boeing isn’t outlining a clear vision for mid term future and for electrification because it wants full focus in promoting the Max and in pitching the 797 to airlines, or simply that vision isn’t very clear to them either.


Meanwhile, Airbus is all about moving to hybrid and electric planes.

They presented various experimental aircraft in recent years.


And they plan to build a tech. demonstrator next year.


If all goes well, they will build a hybrid, single aisle plane in the mid. term future, hopefully around 2030, so the A320 replacement can meet the 737 replacement and continue this epic rivalry.