The Alfa is in Trouble

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[Notice: This post contains a lot of f-bombs] I’ve posted before that my Alfa isn’t in the best condition and needs some work. The most consequential and, unfortunately, the most expensive is repairing an odd rust problem in the driver’s side rocker panel and some damage to the driver’s side chassis rail. Rust is car cancer. The quicker you treat it the better, and ignore it and it can and will kill the car.


Being a sentimental fool, I decided to forego common sense and get the repair done by the local, respected restoration shop, to the tune of $4,200. Expensive but it was either that or scrap, part out, or do a chassis swap.

Finally, after picking it up from storage and confirming the car started without issue (it did) and that it wasn’t losing coolant anymore (it wasn’t) I scheduled my appointment, which was over a month out.


I took it there on 12/11/17 (about two weeks ago) and resigned my wallet to its fate (actually just using the cash from selling the Yukon).

Today I gave them a call for a status update aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd… they’ve decided not to do the work.


What the actual fuck?

The shop owner decided that on a vehicle in that poor of condition (I guess it took a piss on their floor…) wasn’t worth the money and he didn’t want to get involved.


Yes, I know the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the vehicle.

Yes, I know the car isn’t in great shape.

Yes, I know this is not a rational decision. Car people aren’t rational.

You quoted it, we discussed it, I agreed to the quote, you accepted my appointment, you took my car, and, apparently, completely wasted my time.


I spent fifteen minutes on the phone with the owner trying to understand his position and turn it around but ultimately I can’t force him to work on the car. At least they aren’t making me pick it up today (I don’t have anywhere to put it right now) but that is small comfort.


Look man, I get it. My shitty little Alfa isn’t some garage queen Ferrari or a $100k 911, but my money is the same fucking color as everyone elses. If I want to waste my money on a car I like then your job is to either accept that or not. If you don’t think I’m good for it, ask for money up front. If you don’t want to do it, decline up front. Not... this fucking bullshit runaround false hope garbage you’re feeding me. 


At one point during the call he even said “I know it isn’t my job to be your mom” and I almost (but didn’t) respond “no, your job is fixing my damn car.”

This is a textbook case of how to piss off a potential lifelong customer.

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