The story of this review is one of a car and an owner who literally reeled me back in the game with a car. It wasn’t the Alfa however, it was the R35 GTR I reviewed earlier this year. I nearly quit this hobby at the beginning of the year. Got completely disenfranchised with the game that was and still is called YouTube. A place where people with names like Mike, Parker and kids with “XYZ” at 17 get everywhere and the regular Joe doesn’t have a prayer.

Enter Shane, who followed my videos like many others do. When I let my followers know I was close to quitting he stepped forward. And like Max Rockatansky I was seduced back in the game, all because of a car. As long as the paperwork is clean you can do whatever you want out there...

Fast forward to today. I have slowed my roll, edit a couple of videos a month and never been happier. I take more time per video and try to perfect my flow. Seeing it as a 100% hobby put everything in perspective.

The Alfa was a huge milestone for me. Ever since it came out I wanted to drive one. The owner of the GTR? He got the Alfa I coveted, and he allowed me to review it. I can tell you it was awesome, but I’d rather show you: