You may remember a while ago, Opponaut Inline Six had a most excellent post on cars with 14, 16 18, 20 cylinders and beyond. You can find it here:…

In this post he references one weird concept car, the Alfa Tipo 163. When I was reading through I realized that the shape of this car seemed extremely familiar to me. I couldn't place it though. I thought and thought and couldn't figure it out. I just knew it resembled something from the ocean.

Today randomly I watched a video about the world's 25 scariest sea creatures. And Lo and became clear, the Alfa Tipo 163 is based off the shape of a Giant Isopod.

The similarities are striking:



Here is a Giant Isopod. It lives way down in the deep and slowly crawls along the ocean floor it's whole life. It can live in water from 560 ft deep to a whopping 7020 ft deep. It's a scavenger, and can get up to 1 foot in length. Look at these things!


Car design inspiration can come from the strangest places, although I would probably never look 7020 ft down in deep for my inspiration.


Big thanks to Inline Six for his initial post, and letting me do this spinoff, I hope you don't mind I borrowed your Alfa pics.

Weird stuff.