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The Alfa was granted a temporary reprieve!

Didn’t really take any pictures at the event, so here is Dog B.

The Alfa’s fate has been a little up in the air since the major, respected restoration shop in town decided the car wasn’t worth his time. Luckily at the Alfa Romeo Owner’s Club annual planning meeting, I got two bits of good news.

The first bit of good news came when I shared my story: I am not the first or only Alfa person this guy has done this to. Apparently he his rather known for being a dick about stuff like that. I know that doesn’t sound like good news, but it makes me feel 100x better. To be honest the whole affair had put me in a bit of an existential crisis about “Akio’s Home for Wayward Cars,” but now I feel better about my choices.


The second bit of good news is the club members are going to assist with the repairs. Rocker rust is a common enough problem with Alfa’s that they want to do a tech session dissecting and (hopefully) reassembling my car.

I actually resisted this at first, as I’m not the type person that likes charity (or whatever you want to call it). Ultimately I was convinced after seeing the president’s old spider (on which he had done the same repair), a cross-section of the rockers that he had around for demonstration (amazingly complex!), and the thought that I can use the money saved to shower people in wine/ beer/ food while we do the work.

So much wine.

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