I got the engine out yesterday and stripped it down today.

Nothing too out of the ordinary to report, the bottom end bearings had a bit of scoring but nothing should have to be sent out to a machine shop, but I did have to make an adapter plate to mount it on my stand.


It’s just an old engine mount welded to a steel plate. Version 2 will have to be redesigned because while my welds held up fine, I did end up breaking a factory spot weld on the mount itself while rotating the engine over.

So basically my plan with this engine is a semi-hotrod build. I’m shooting for 160HP at the crank which will mostly come from top-end work. The bottom-end is already forged so all it really needs is a set of higher compression pistons and maybe a lighter set of rods.

In detail the build is going to be

  • 10.5:1 pistons
  • (maybe) lightweight carrilo I-beam rods
  • windage tray
  • the cylinder head (when I find a replacement) will be sent out to be ported, have bigger valves fitted and be clearanced for the massive 12mm lift, 290 duration camshafts.
  • lightened flywheel

I’ll also re-do the exhaust properly instead of having mutiple pieces cobbled together from a junkyard car.


Should make for a nice rev-happy build albeit a bit expensive, I’ll probally end up spending close to the same amount of money building this engine that I spent building the 350 in the jag.

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