Alice Isn’t Dead is an excellent thriller/horror podcast about crossing the country in a big rig looking for a missing, believed-dead love, looking for answers, and pursuing/fleeing from things that should not exist but are instead firmly (yet covertly) embedded in reality (the show’s reality anyway). In between the impossible though, it describes the experience of road tripping better than just about anything else.

Running with this, the podcast’s twitter has been tweeting real, oddball/little known roadside attractions located across the country. Some of these landmarks have slipped their way into the show, some have inspired locations in the show, and some of the landmarks have had no connection whatsoever (yet). I had some free time, so I created a map of all the roadside sights they’ve tweeted out (and updated the map as they’ve subsequently added landmarks). And here it is.


Has anyone visited any of these spots? Are you near one that you didn’t know existed until now? I passed Flintsones Bedrock City about a month ago on the VW Atlas trip, and saw Stovepipe Wells, the Mesquite Flats Dunes, and the Amargosa Opera House during the 2016 LeMons Rally.