While doing research and fact-proofing my latest Forgotten Classics essay, I came across the story of the Iraqi Malibu taxis.

In 1981, the Iraqi government placed an order for 25,000 Chevy Malibus to be used as taxis from General Motors Canada. The special-order taxis came with the weakest V6 mated to a unique three-speed manual mounted on the floor. All the taxis came with air conditioning, heavy-duty cooling as well and bench seats upholstered in tweed.

GM shipped 13,000 of the things before Iraq suddenly pulled out of the deal, leaving over 12,000 Chevy Malibus custom-built for the desert sitting on the dock in Halifax, Canada.

The Malibus stayed at the port for a while because GM decided to sell them to Canadians for the ridiculous price of $6800 CDN, which at the time was like $4000 USD.

Not a bad deal if you ask me.