I’ve come to the realization that American Luxury is like the Porsche 911, and Broughams are exactly like the air-cooled models. Sounds preposterous? Allow me to explain.

You see, the 911 took an idea and ran with it to the point where it seemed highly outmoded. Cooled by air? With the engine way out behind the rear axle? Ridiculous! Indeed, most look upon our Broughams as ridiculous rolling monuments to American excess, harking back to a time where everybody smoked, but nobody needed a place to put their drink. Separate frames? An ashtray in every door? Velour everything? Ridiculous, they cry. But indeed, the Brougham exists not just as a period in time, but as nostalgia for a time that you may or may not have experienced. They’re iconic in their own ways, and no matter how hard we try, we have to admit to ourselves that we’re never going back to that style of luxury again. Porsche 911s are now cooled by water, and are slowly having the engine pushed farther towards the middle of the car. It’s the same story with American luxury cars, with touchscreens everywhere, firm suspension, and a distinct lack of chrome. If you want an ashtray now, you get a little cup that goes in the cupholder, not a giant chrome piece of door furniture. The past will never come back around again. It’s simply too niche, too costly, and not in style anymore, exactly the same reasons behind the old rear-engined, air-cooled 911s. The difference between our Broughams and air-cooled 911s is that 911s are inherently valuable cars. They’re seen as a sports car icon, and will continue to appreciate far beyond the point at which ratty ones will be crushed. Broughams, however, aren’t like that. They’re something you don’t understand until you’ve experienced them, and that doesn’t currently hold a certain mystique in the eyes of the general public. That’s why we have to do everything we can to buy, restore, protect, enjoy, and share these cars with the world. Broughams have been out of production for a while, but it’s up to us to make sure it never gets to the point where they’re dead for good. Cherish them, for we will never see the likes of them again. Thank you.