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The Amphibious Bike Worked! For a Brief Moment.

Me and my friends made an amphibious bicycle for a school project which invloved using recycled materials to create something excellent. We did this.


The debut of the unnamed bike was in my schools lagoon. It was sunny, the water was fresh, there was a soft breeze, and birds sang at a distance. As you will see, the bike did float. For now, that was the only thing I wanted it to do. Propulsion and Direction were going to be added later on.

Note my "I am the Stig" Shirt.

When I first got in the water, the bike had to pass through the mud and go deep enough so the water tanks would come to play. I used the pedals, then felt as the wheels lost tracion and the thing sank some centimeters. As I kept my weight in the water tanks, the water obviously started overflowing and it could barely keep afloat. Then, I inevitably felt on the lake and took the bike out to have another go.


The next try, I concentrated on putting all my weight at the front axle, and this worked for more time. Right until the rear water tank clipped off and all was a mess. Me and my friends returned the bike to the shore and took all the tanks off to rethink the design, and make modifications.

So, was this a success or a failure? Both. Yes, it was able to float, but no, it isnt ideal. Some extra water tanks, and a way of accelerating and turning will be added later. Enjoy the videos!

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