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The Annual Worst Auto Show in America! (San Antonio Auto Show)

Well folks, it happened again this year. Ever since I first joined this wonderful place of wagons and weirdness, I've been promising a write-up of my local new car auto show. This year, I'm delivering the goods.

I'm going to start off by saying that the San Antonio Auto Show (SAAS) isn't necessarily bad, it just suffers from really bad timing. It is always the weekend before Thanksgiving, and has historically been before the LA auto show. This year, I was hoping to see some newly-released goodness, but no dice. The other problem that this end of November timing presents is the model year. Most of the 2014 cars are out, and even a few of the 2015 model updates are on the showroom floor. However, the sales brochures are all for the (outgoing) 2013 year model. Really confusing.


There wasn't a huge level of excitement for me in going to the show this year. Cost was $10/adult and no discount coupon as was the case with years prior. Here are my disjointed thoughts about the show, in no particular order:

-Mitsubishi is still around? They have a bunch of cars, too.

-Where the hell is BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Jag? I know San Antonio is "affordable", but you do all have dealerships here.


-Toyota brought all of zero cars that weren't the Pruis family. Tundras, Tacomas (built locally, y'all!), the full range of SUVs, but no cars. Also, the Land Cruiser starts at $75k?!

-Ford brought a ton of trucks, including an F150 that will come from the factory with LPG/Propane/Natural Gas outfit. They claim up to 750 miles per tank. Where the hell is the awesome Rampage? I know they're already out at some dealers, so why can't I see one?

-Dodge Ram 1500 was there with an "EcoDiesel" engine. Slick two-tone black/silver paint, too.

-Hyundai/Kia was also missing, so...oh wait, they were there. I totally missed them. Oh well!


-GM had the biggest setup there, with the newest cars. A face-lifted (and noticeably larger?) CTS, the 2015 Escalade, 2015 Tahoe (slightly lower, slightly longer, brand new face) and the SS that I ALMOST walked by. The SS seems like it will do well on the market, but didn't necessarily stand out when parked in with the Impala and Malibu.

That's pretty much it, folks. Aside from the random vendors, small but diverse classic car show, and Spurs player autograph section, there really wasn't too much to report.

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