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The Arrival is on Youtube, officially, for free.

Charlie Sheen drives a 1968 Saab 95, and battles aliens, in what is a surprisingly entertaining movie - with a few laughably badly aged special effects.


Sheen is so 1996 in this movie, that it hurts. His acting is, um, peculiarly intense. He’s comically wide eyed in 9 out of 10 scenes, and in a continuous “clueless, but pissed” mood for the entirety of the film.

In one scene, Sheen (pretty sure it was not a stunt driver) launches the Saab off a speed bump and catches air. I doubt this was intentional, because you can only barely see it happening, through the windows of the security kiosk in the foreground. I guess he knows more than one way to get high.


Body roll. Whoever selected vehicles for this film did well when they decided a Saab 95 would be exactly the sort of thing a disgruntled NASA employee who believes in Aliens would drive.

Sadly, the Saab is only in the movie for about 15-20 seconds total. But some other cool vehicles also appear, like a Jeep CJ-7 and a Mexican beetle (that Sheen impossibly hides in the trunk of).


Overall the story is not as bad as I was expecting. It contains plenty of 1990's action tropes (heck, there’s even liquid nitrogen action going on) and the director/editor really knew how to build up the suspense so well that you almost forget the not very good sets and poorly aged special effects...

The ending though, reaches the heights of unintentional comedy. Not going to spoil it, but as soon as the climax is over, the plot completely fizzles in about a split second, and then to top this off is about five seconds of completely unnecessary special effect hilarity that had me laughing like Rich Evans.

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