I had been looking for this set of books for a while, found it earlier this year. As a millwright who went through the apprenticeship at Chrysler, as a driver/mechanic for General Dynamics(formerly Chrysler Defense) that gets to take an Abrams around the test track every now and then, as a fabricator who builds prototype military parts, and as an artist who enjoys repurposing metal….it’s cool to see how my worlds collided so many decades ago to win WWII.

In the mid-late '40s Chrysler commissioned Wesley Stout to put out a series of books chronicling the ingenuity, engineering, and brute strength it put forth to bolster the Arsenal of Democracy. This is it, a first print, the entire set.

When I contemplate the monumental undertaking that United States manufacturing embarked on 70 years ago, it’s hard to fathom. I wonder if the people who were so adamant that the government should deny Chrysler assistance through the last financial crisis would feel the same way if they truly understood that without the wartime production of Detroit manufacturers, without the resources Detroit poured into the war effort that went FAR above and beyond what was asked of them(and the speed at which they did it), the outcome of World War 2 could have been much different.