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The art of changing one's ways

This has been cooking in my head for a while now. I have always believed that my theory about owning and driving a car was the best one, for me. And obviously, it is. Well, it was. Because I changed. I knew I had to. It was time to change things and let go of the past.

I have always bought second hand cars. Mostly on “buy here, pay here” lots. I have become pretty good at it, and at some point I even helped others purchasing reasonably good cars. The larger the vehicle, the cheaper it gets after it ticks off 8 years, thanks to the tax climate over here, where you are financially punished again and again for owning a large car. However, in my situation as a freelancer, there are some tax benefits not to be forgotten when using a privately owned car for business purposes. So I kept on doing exactly that, buying 1500€ LS400’s and such, with the plan of driving it for one year and than tossing it. It has enabled me to experience lots of cars over the years. At the end of each year I reaped the tax benefits, making the cars almost totally free.


But there is a price. Worrying because something rattles like it will explode any second, bringing trouble and unprecedented cost to the table (expensive cars have expensive repairs). Gas prices (€1,75 a liter right now, ridiculous when you drive a 3 litre 6 cil S-Type). Ownership taxes. Mandatory technical checkups yearly. And the list goes on and on.

So I knew I had to change. And if one changes, one better does it in a bold way. That’s how I have come to the decision that my car-owning theory was wrong, effective immediately. And I went against everything I often declared wrong, or too expensive. I took a business leased vehicle. Fixed monthly payment, worry free, gas included. Yes, my friends, I have proven myself and the world that I can change. And it feels great!


P.S. You know what car I ordered, right?

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