The Art of The Flip: Apple Edition

So you know when I said I wanted to get back into Apple? Well.......

I chose the wrong phone to jump back into the fray with. After 3 years with 5+ inch phones, going down to four inches feels absolutely bonkers. On top of this, Straight Talk network locked this phone. I don’t care too much about that since I love ST. However, I just learned the hard way that when you get a phone that was purchased directly from ST, they use a version of iOS/Android that has a perma-locked hotspot.


This means my lovely iPhone SE here is practically useless to me. I need a working hotspot as I carry multiple devices on me at a time.

If I had to say a favourite thing about this phone, I’d say that it’s absurdly fast for a tiny iPhone. That and the iPhone 5S screen this thing wears hasn’t aged all that bad. It’s still pretty crisp with the only problem I see being a lack of colour vibrancy. For a 1.2 MP camera, the front camera actually kicks the 5 MP in the Honor 5X in the butt too.

The worst part is that the ST iPhone SE is actually a Verizon-locked iPhone SE, meaning that I can’t swap its SIM back into my GSM-only Honor 8/5X or the Nextbit Robin. And it just so happened that I sold the Droid mini to break even on the iPhone. So, I’m stuck with this thing until someone sweeps it up on eBay or Swappa.


At least I broke even with this phone before I even unsealed it, so theoretically I can sell this phone, get a 6S or a 6 Plus and pocket a decent chunk of change while keeping my hotspot. Can’t say I’ve ever “flipped” a new phone before, but I’m not complaining! :D


My next project is a restoration project on my Honor 5X. The price I paid for it ($40) is beginning to show. The battery needs to be tossed as well as the back housing and the micro USB. Thankfully it’s built like an iPhone so that should be easy.

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