So, I recently decided to build a second PC. Why? If you’ve ever built a PC before you probably know the euphoria of LEGO-ing the thing together and seeing it come to life. Once you do it once, all you can think about is when you can do it again.

This second build is meant to be a budget build. It has a GTX 750 that I found at Goodwill, a HDD from another computer in the house (I swapped the 1tb drive in my mum’s new all-in-one pc with the 500gb unit in my 11 year old MacBook), and cheap parts like a Pentium G4400. Total cost came to something like $200 (before I jacked up the motherboard). Keeping with my aircraft/GPU themed nomenclature: This one will be called the “CRJ750”. A combination of CRJ700 (regional passenger airliner) and GTX 750 (GPU).

This build is unique in that it’s a Mini-Itx. It’ll sleep in an adorable Silverstone SG05-Lite.

Hand for scale:


DC-10-50TI (mATX case) for scale:

I got it mostly put together last night, testing a mod for three case fans despite the tiny form factor:


This is where I screwed up. I tried saving on cost by getting an “open box - as is” motherboard. That was a bad decision. Upon opening the box, I discovered the LGA 1151 socket cover was missing and two pins were bent. I imagine they bent during shipping. I tried to fix the pins and just bent more of them. It just won’t post.

At any rate, the seller agreed to a half-refund. That’s going to go towards a new mobo. Lesson learned: Don’t get not-new mobos!


While getting parts for the CRJ750, I noticed that someone was selling a GTX 1060 on eBay at a price not inflated by cryptocurrency mining. It was only a 3GB unit, however the $230 NIB price was enticing. This card does much better than my 1050 TI in every benchmark too.

I also noticed that GTX 1050 TI cards now cost something like $230 because of crypto mining. I paid $130 for mine on Black Friday 2017! A $100 jump in two months is insane! I guess that’s what happens when ASIC mining hemorrhages in popularity because BTC crashed.


Anyway, I sold my 1050 TI for $210, making that sweet 1060 only $20.

My testing? FSX plays at an even higher frame rate and can even use anti-aliasing, train sim also now hits a solid 60 rather than 45 with awful hitching. 10/10, good buy. My DC-10-50TI is now the “DC-10-60”. :)

If you have a gaming PC, now is the best time to sell your GPU. You will likely get more than you paid for...however unless you luck out with a “cheap” replacement card, you will lose those gains in the new card.


ETA: The CRJ750 build is technically free. I sold an iPad 2 and an iMac G3 slot loader for funding. :)