Nice little story about an Allanté that decided to tailgate me, brake check me, and stay with me even as I pushed my car to redline within less of a mile of a police station.

I was heading to a volleyball game to support a friend (they’re good) and was heading down a highway ish road. I was going a good 55 when an Allanté pulled behind me and stayed on my back pretty closely. I gave no shits and drove rather casually. I stopped at the stop light and pulled out in a demure way. I speed to the speed limit and I notice this guy is on my tail. So my defensive driving kicks in and I hammer the throttle in 2nd to redline and shift to third. Kinda want to get away from this nut. He’s scooted to the left lane and I’m trying to scoot over, and he tries to close that gap as I’m trying to change lanes. So I slow down, because I didn’t want to fuck with a cocaine white Allanté and that this guy seemed a bit fucked up.

I changed lanes to the left lane, then he brake checks me (barely or his brakes are shit). So I don’t really give a shit at this point. So after I brake, I stomp on my clutch and rev (disclosure: my stock exhaust is loud) as I literally can not give any shits. He pulls to the right and gives me a glare. I do a shrugging motion.

Did my “Hoonigan Kill All tires” license plate frame piss him off? Or was it the exhaust? Or was it just me? This guy had a slick ass Allanté. No faded/blurry headlights but he put in xeons. Bodywork was perfect from the mirror. Crazy motherfucker.