The ATS coupe variants I wish Cadillac would build

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Now that we've seen the Cadilllac ATS coupe in 2.0T and 3.6 trims, there's a lot of speculation about the ATS-V, and what engine it will use. Looking at the competition, (M3/M4) it makes sense for the ATS-V to use the twin turbo 3.6, which is a fine choice. I would love to see an ATS with the 3.6TT, a hardcore suspension, with an eye kept on weight management, but there's another version I'd also be interested in: a GT car with an LT1. While you can make an argument for using the LT1 in the ATS-V, it wouldn't have the same weight distribution as the 3.6, and in the ATS's size bracket, the emphasis should be more on handling and balance than brute force. The engine bay is big enough for the LT1 to fit, and I think a touring car would be a fine use for it.


The ATS has all the makings of a great GT car. It's essentially a two seater (the back seats in the sedan aren't even that useful) it has an elegant, classy design, it handles enough in every trim, and the LT1 would give it the soul a proper GT car needs. An ATS with the normal magnetic ride suspension, all the luxury/safety bits, and an LT1 either the eight speed auto or the six speed manual would be the perfect car to go cross country with your wife in, eating up back roads and interstate with equal aplomb. It would be a car for those who like to attack the occasional back road and have the hustle provided by the big V8, while being more comfortable and less track focused than the V.

Go ahead Cadillac, make us a baby Elmiraj. It would have the segment all to itself, and could be a hit, as well as giving the ATS-V more room to set its hair on fire. Give it a cool name too. Coupe DeVille, perhaps?

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