The ATS is already competitive in its class for handling, looks, and powertrain, but it basically follows the exact same formula as the big 2 competitors, the C class and the 3 series. It’s hard to beat the German manufacturers in a market they are very established in with the v6 turbo formula, but the ATS could easily become the most attractive option in the segment to a lot of buyers:

Output could be tuned to be the same as the Camaro to not cannibalize sales, and it would be like a baby SS with a better badge and interior and STUNNING by comparison. To help market it just keep the corvette motor cover in the engine bay, and go all Maserati on everybody. It would be the option with the reliability of the IS but the excitement of the M3 (Not really saying much anymore)

Ill take a 4 door in white with a 6MT