Turns out this take a lot more time and effort, and for that matter skill and equipment then I thought. I had some shots in mind I wanted to take, some didn’t work out, and others were just dropped because of how cold it was. I have an hour of gopro footage, but with it being so cold driving fast meant freezing so not much was exciting.

Trimmed some of it down, managed to put together a little < 3 min video.

I tried to use my slider way too much for sure, a friend who was there helped me frame and grab some shots, so anything that looks good credit to him. We did talk about getting some driving shots some time as well.


Edit - Sent the video to the friend who helped me shoot and is way better at this.

He said I could post it for comparison, the quality took a dump being uploaded from my phone, but kinda neat how different it is.

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