If you ever have been skiing, you know how a typical Ski Lodge looks like. Traditionally, it is made from wood and looks very 19th century. You get your warm drinks (mhmm, Jägermeistertea) and substantial meal in a very rustic atmosphere. Charming, but also played out.

That's what Audi thought as well when they were looking for new ways to advertise the brand and quattro specifically. How could one melt modern technology, Audi's cool, clinic design language and rustic skiing ambience together? By doing exactly that: Mixing the styles.

Designliga is the creative agency behind this very special PR action, and they did a great job. On the outside, the original lodge was covered with a polygonal shell, painted in white, silver and red - a simple, but balanced colour combination. The red extends to a colour matched outside sitting area.


The interior takes up the theme, but offers a quieter colour combination with red being replaced by black. It is the part I like the most. The super modern wall cover and its silver arrow colour scheme frames the old, dark wood ceiling and columns. The seats and tables have a understated elegance and work perfectly with the angular Audi theme.

What makes this design exercise so great is that it breaks the often too cooled down and unemotional look of modern architecture by heavily relying on old materials and structures - and it doesn't even look boring. If only Audi's automotive line up would be this unique and creative.


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