The Audi TT's Balls Just Dropped

Audi's attempts to give the TT a more masculine edge continue with the introduction of a new one make racing series. Set to support the DTM next year, 24 of these pumped up coupes will pound round the track, probably around an inch apart knowing Audi drivers.


The most notable change from the road car are the aggressive wide arches housing lightweight racing wheels and slicks. The bonnet gains a purposful vent, the bumper a splitter while the rear gets a dirty great big wing with a centre exit exhaust tucked into the rear diffuser.

Although the 2.0 TFSI engine still has 310 bhp a push to pass feature sees this increase temporarily to 340 bhp. Drive is handled by the same S-Tronic gearbox as the road car with the addition of an adjustable active front differential to help get the power down. Weight is down to 1125 kg so it should prove pretty rapid on track.


The eventual winner will receive support in Audi's successful GT3 sports car program. If you have the talent (and lots of cash), then Audi are currently looking for drivers.


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