We got it back home, safe and sound.

The Audi suffered a coolant leak on the way to the show. We determined it was coming from the fitting on the turbo. He didn’t want to chance it all the way up to Carlisle and back, so he left it with family who conveniently happened to live near the gas station we were at when we discovered the leak. It wasn’t far from home, so on the way back we got some coolant, topped it off, and I followed him slowly home. No incidents and the coolant level was basically the same when we got home, so the leak must not be too bad.


Driving the Lancia was really cool, a privilege honestly. Here’s a Lancia interior shot so you can see my office for the day. I love the aircraft type gauges.

Honestly, its a really normal, if slightly clunky car. And by that I mean the steering is heavier and the clutch stiffer than you wild probably suspect if you just think its some normal, generic hatchback econo-box. My only real complaint about the car was the vauge shifter. But once you get over that, well, thats exactly what it is, a kind of generic econobox. Aside from a slight exhaust rumble it just purrs around town and cruises up the highway easy as can be. Its not until you give it the business that you get to see what’s really lurking under that cute exterior.

I didn’t get the opportunity to really wring it out hard, though I wouldn’t do that even if I could out of respect for my friend and all the hard work he’s put into the car. But I did get to dip into the well a few times and let me tell you, it satisfies. It drives like a big turbo rally car. You hit it and the little 16v perks up, the rumble increases, you feel the car start to move under you, and there’s surprisingly little drama...



Its really hard to describe other than FUN! I’m still grinning ear to ear! I seriously haven’t had this much fun on 4 wheels since my WRX.


If you ever get the chance to drive one, do it!

Bonus pic of his Peugeot 205 GTI. Its for sale if any Oppos are interested.

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