The autopsy reports are in for Paul walker, it's sad to say he was still alive after the collision, both him and his passenger burned to death.... to those douchebags in the bmw to scared to rescue then while they burned to death, fuck you... r.i.p

Okay.....So let's say a car is burning in front of you, will you jump into the fire NO MATTER WHAT? Whether it was a celebrity or not.

I can tell you flat out and honestly, unless it was a family member I would not be able to do that.

Yeah it's sad that he died. But this is why you should not drive like an asshate, professional or not, a car like that will turn on you like a mother in law.

Also, to the people posting a quote saying "Don't cry if speed killed me, I was smiling" I will put every penny I have on he was absolutely terrified sliding across the pavement and into a tree. No matter who you are you would scream like a little girl.