The Award For Car That Most Resembles Cheese Goes To...

Meet the Jehle Saphier, possibly the only car more triangular than the Cybertruck. Also one of the only sports cars to come from Liechtenstein! Before the Saphier, Jehle was a tuning company that made modified De Tomaso Panteras, some of which had as much as 600 horsepower, so that’s something.


However, Xavier Jehle, the company’s founder, wanted to start making his own cars. They started with two different buggies based on Volkswagens and Citroens, and a little while later, they added a sports car to the mix; the Saphier. The Saphier featured pop-up headlights, a canopy that opened upwards, and the world’s most literal interpretation of wedge styling.

The Saphier was originally based on a Beetle chassis with a turbocharged VW Golf engine, But Xavier Jehle didn’t think it was fast enough, so he then proceeded to create a version with a custom chassis and a mid-mounted Ford V8 making around 300 hp. That still wasn’t fast enough for him though, so the version after that produced 500 hp from the V8. Then he apparently went insane and created a version with 1,000 hp, but that last one didn’t make it into production because at that point the company had run out of money developing a Lamborghini-esque V12 supercar. Which is too bad, because I for one think the world could use more wedge cars.

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