The Awesome Cars of Demolition Man

Demolition Man (1993) was on TV last night starting Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock and Rob Snider. It was a utopia future that featured stereo typical Stallone shoot’em up, take a beating fight scenes followed by a miracle come back. There was just the right amount of camp, sci-fy, comedy, and general weirdness that I throughly enjoyed it.

I immediately took note of the cars, and I was like hey that’s an EV1.


The set cars were actually a GM concept car that predated the EV1. Consider this: GM had a Prius in 1991.…

They also had an Olds 442 that Sly jumped through glass windows, and took dozens of bullets to the radiator yet still ran strong through the whole car chase scene without smoking or leaking a drop of radiator fluid.


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