And the godmother of the Nissan Figaro. At least in coupé form, because the sedan version prefigures the unfortunate aesthetics of its progeny, along with its duroplast bodywork.

(Photo credit: Georg Sander (GS1311), CC by NC)

VEB AWZ (Volkseigenes Betrieb Automobilwerke Zwickau - Zwickau Automobile Works Company Owned by the People) was what used to be the pre-war Audi works once it ended up in the Russian occupied GDR. They'd managed to make a version of the pre war front wheel drive 2 stroke DKW F8 under the IFA brand in the early '50s, and then came up with the P70. It was also sold as a Sachsenring, just like the Trabant that succeeded it.

It was made very much like the old DKW, but with that peculiar resin and rags mixture called Duroplast. As such, it was the second plastic bodied series produced car after the Corvette. Unlike the later Trabant –and the Corvette–, however, the P70's bodywork is supported by a wooden frame, much like a Morgan's. The idea was to keep weight down and be able to build any cars at all because they couldn't get any steel.

(Photo credit: Dezidor, CC BY 3.0)

At least, that's how the sedan and the wagon were made, the coupé was made in steel. The result was exceedingly pretty, but the 700 cc two stroke was no thunderbolt in the cooking versions, and was no more powerful in the coupé. This thing was slooow, even by the standards of Europe in the '50s. It doesn't crack 60 mph.


No matter, I still want one, and buy it a nice basket and some treats.

(Photo credit: burts, CC BY-SA 3.0)