While I was at work, Mrs. Baconsandwich (MBS) and our 2 year old (heretofore referred to as bacon-bit, or BB) had the following conversation:

BB: More chocolate?
MBS: No, sweetie, you already had two chocolates.
BB: Please?
MBS: No.
BB: I said please.
MBS: I know and I appreciate it. But just because you said please, doesn’t mean you are going to get chocolate.
BB: Chocolate please?
MBS: No.
BB: (cries)
MBS: I know you are disappointed. Disappointed is when we want something but can’t have it. And when we are disappointed, we can either feel sad or do something to make us happy.
BB: OK. (still sniffling)
MBS: Do you want to feel sad or do something to feel better?
BB: Feel better.
MBS: OK, what do you want to do to feel better? Colour? Toys?
MBS: Chocolate.

The bacon-bit cracks me up. I suspect when her and her younger sister (currently 3 months old) get older, they are going to be quite the pair.