The Baja Bug drives!

Amazingly well, actually. It only needed proper tuning and timing, and now it climbs hills in third gear like they aren’t there. Honestly rather immense torque, it seems! Not surprised, I was expecting a good 50% boost in the lower part of the curve with that intake velocity...


Sorry about the crappy video format. Some weird cropping mode cause by image stabilization of the camera i was using. I will make a proper mount later. There’s a few jobs to do up next, mostly brakes, electrical, replace the tires, repack the bearings, and a quick oil change... But the baja bug is certainly getting there, and doesn’t seem to mind puttering along at 50 even in its somewhat questionable state. A new wiring harness is in the cards, and I’ve already ordered a new master cylinder. It has a front disc brake conversion from the PO, I need to take it apart, clean it, and see what i can do for pads and calipers.. I suspect karmann ghia parts will fit the conversion kit. I am also open to the possibility of going with an aftermarket system (putting something together form wilwood maybe..) to support the 30 inch tires i plan on putting on all four corners (looking at 235/75R15s...)

Oh, and here’s the ‘electrical system.’

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