The ballad of Big Blue

Some of you may recall Big Blue the 2003 Santa Fe I purchased, then found it wasn’t safe to be on the road. The seller told me he’d give me my money back we’d just have to meet up.

One day we go to meetup. My mom is going to follow me and give me a ride home. My mother ends up going to the hospital with a crazy spike in bp. She’s fine now.


Then we’re going to meetup on Sunday. Dude guy tells me he “Can do Sunday 5 or 6.” This apparently means he’ll let me know when we can meet up at 5 or 6. We’re meeting like 1:30 away so I’m blowing up the guys phone because I gotta leave in 15 to meet him for 6.

Having received no answer I looked at the back of the dealer plate he’d given me figuring the address on it was his home and I googled the number associated and called it. It turns out he was using his bosses plate on the sly and I ended up spilling the beans to his boss.


This get’s dude guy fired and now I don’t really have any leverage since he doesn’t need his plate back because it’s not his and he doesn’t work for the guy anymore.

The title is still being processed by the DMV they couldn’t give me details but it should take a couple more weeks before anyone sees it.


Basically I’m screwed. I’ve got a Hyundai I can’t sell or drive sitting quietly in my woods. Will I get the title? Will dude guy “get the money together” that he keeps promising he will? I’m not feeling overly hopeful.

If I can get the title I can at least see if Hyundai will replace the subframe. There is a recall on them but Big Blue’s has been closed. I’m not sure if they’d reopen it or not. Before it hits the road it’ll need the subframe and hard lines replaced. I knew the hard lines would need to be replaced.


In the meantime we’re shopping for a ‘16 or newer Soul in Mystery Blue and Littlegolem will inherit the black Soul.

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