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The Bandit Lives

Stopped at some lights in downtown Toronto today, I couldn’t help but notice the circa 1978-1981 Trans Am stopped on the other side of the intersection, and not just because of the car.

It was the rarer blue with gold trim including the famous screaming chicken and gold OEM rally wheels. Looked like it had a full respray. He had his lights on for safety, and I was pleased to note that the headlights and driving lights seemed to be new units, but matching the OEM style perfectly.


Then I looked at the driver. He was wearing a Stetson. I shit you not. Now, before you say, shit, I see dudes with big hats all the time in our neck of the woods, I’ll remind you this is downtown Toronto: the Manhattan of Canada.

And then I noticed a GoPro mounted on his hood, pointing back at the driver.

And then I noticed his custom plate. TUHRAWNO.

Which is a clever and somewhat inside joke. Natives will pronounce the name of the city like that: Tuh-RAW-no or T’ronno. Non-natives will over-pronounce the name, with emhpasis on the last T, so Tor-ron-TO.

The sight of all of this pretty much made my day.

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