Here’s something that does not tickle my fancy: this sad, sad, sad thing.


RWD, short bed, zero options. And I mean zero.

Even better: you don’t even get the 5.7L — this has the 4.0 V6. So in exchange for allegedly maybe two miles better per gallon you get ohhhhhh *148 LESS horsepower* 😐 I have driven a half dozen base Tundra plagued with the 4.0: it’s an absolute dog and can’t do anything resembling actual “work.” When I drove a 5.7 for two years, I actually got *better* fuel economy in the real world and felt like a rocket ship in comparison.

And when I say zero options, I mean it:

- no tach

- no power locks

- no power windows

- no power mirrors (trust me, you NEED this fat boi)

- no cruise control

- no rear sliding window

A base model Tacoma (which I now use) would be a better idea because it’s not as fat and gets 24 mpgs for (extremely) light duty male-escorting. Or shoot, buy a previous gen 4WD SR5 Tundra with the 2UZ...


.......... But yeah, I was browsing for a shortbed Tundra 5.7 SR5 4WD again. Don’t judge. STOP JUDGING!

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