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The battery in this car is a champ

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It has sat in the shed hiding from winter for the last 4 months, and started first try just as it did last year. It also looks like mice stayed out of the car this year, or at least out of the glovebox as I didn’t find a nest in there this time, which is nice.


The brakes are a bit grouchy but tire pressures are good, as is the oil level. I am going to do some preventative maintenance on it though. The oil filter housing and valve cover gaskets are weeping a bit (both are common N52 problems) and I never got around to the spark plugs and air filters I meant to do last year so I’ll get that stuff ordered. I’ll look into what it takes to change the water pump preventatively while I’m in there and maybe order that too.

Beyond that, Ohlins R&T suspension is on its way, M3 rear subframe bushings, an LSD and brake upgrade (either 135i or F30 335i components) are next on the list.

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