Blurry picture is blurry
Serviceable ball joints!

MCM approved?

Anyway. As the guy suggested who’s name I don’t know how to spell (the one with the old saab, but not as old as Berang’s old Saab. Also I think has a Chihuahua as an avatar I think.) suggested. I got some heated the nut with propane than got some keyboard duster, turned it upside down and sprayed it on the inner tie rod and then heated the nut again and it came off with only reasonable force!

And I tried getting it off after each step. So I know I had to do all three in that order to get it.

But anyway. I think the upper control arms came in today. So now I have to decide if I wanna study/do homework then go to class or do the upper control arms. Although I’m sure I could do them before I have to leave for class, I’m too lazy for that shit.


And before I forget. The post repair victory song.