Ready for battle kid hauling duty. I’ve been driving the Roadmaster basically every other day. I am totally loving this car. It’s been a pain though, because I’ve been having to stop at home to get my truck so I could pick up the girls from daycare. Removing the forward facing child seat from my truck is a mind-boggling pain in the ass, so that’s not happening.

The bigger one (almost three) is finally ready for a harnessed booster seat, so we ordered one of those. My sister has the same baby carrier, but her son is too big for it now, so I borrowed her base for the little one. Now both my truck and my truckster are set up to haul the kids at a moments notice. These are the little things that make me happy.

Also, I was able to rearrange the garage to fit the beast inside. I’m pretty sure it’s never spent a night in a garage in it’s life. Honestly, I put it inside to get it out of the way in the driveway more than anything.