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The "Beat-All" Car of Forza Horizon?

First off, damn you Forza Horizon for sucking me in like so many before me. I have become a convert. Secondly, I've decided the Ford RS200 is brilliant. I originally bought one because I'm a rally guy and it's a motherfucking RS200. And it was great, except for the mediocre initial acceleration and relatively low top speed. So I got the GT500 engine swap and racing gearbox, then added on a few bits to get it's performance number to an even 700 (max for group S cars). What I ended up with was a 190 mph beast that launches like it's attached to the catapult on an aircraft carrier and corners as if the Lamborghinis around it are 60s Chargers with "The Club" steering wheel locks attached to them.


Does anyone even still use these things?

The RS200 does like to drift a bit, especially when you get on the throttle early, but that's fine because it's unbelievably controllable and it'll go around corners slightly slideways faster than most do with all wheels gripping. Run out of talent and get it completely out of control? Stop panicking and Colin McRae that bitch. Stay on the power and it will get that sweet, sexy paddlewheel action going and pull you back onto the road the way you want to go. Top speed is still an issue on any track that includes I-70, but running Goliath (the last street race) I was easily able to make up time lost on the highway once I got onto the twistier roads. I now have three of these, one group S, one which alternates between R2 and R3 spec, and the third, which has every possible upgrade, resulting in about 1100 hp and 0-60 times in the 2.5 second range. Any race from group S up the RS200 is now my first choice. Thoughts? Am I mad? What's your go-to car?

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