The Before and After

Of my almost finished attempt to actually fully detail this car.

Started with a kitchen soap to get rid of the wax and anything else, then a regular wash with Meguiar’s Gold Class car soap, the wheels and tires got a cleaning too. After drying, I tried using a clay bar for the first time, and the results were stunning; the paint is so smooth!!


Now, when the “after” pic was taken, I was only able to start polishing the front bumper, hood, fenders, and part of the hood, but wow.

I never realized it was this easy to get a car looking spify! I could have saved myself $250 back in April, but the only caveat is that this is pretty damn time consuming. I had to go to work before I could finish. 3 hours in and I have from the doors to the back of the car to finish polishing then wax. ^_^

It should take me at least an hour to finish after work.

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