The beginning of something new

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Tonight will mark the introduction of a weekly series of articles that I'll be putting together that will hopefully shed some light on some of the relatively unknown history of the late 20th century classic Japanese/European car culture.


Every Saturday, I'll be putting together pieces that I hope will inspire and motivate the truly "car obsessed" amongst us. I'm a firm believer that for some of us, cars are more than just a lifestyle and instead, the entire reason for living itself. The rare group of enthusiasts who put cars into that quality of what could best be described as "love", are passionate, determined, well educated (when it comes to their respective interests) and always eager to meet a new face and share something new and interesting. I'll be sharing new and sometimes even unheard of pieces of history, and I hope that I can inspire those with the same obsession and love as me to achieve great things and to never give up on their passion either.

Throughout my travels and history as a "car guy" I've been fortunate enough to experience more than just a ride or a drive... I've gotten to know the owners, some of the original prototype development engineers, and even some of the true old school tuners who shaped automotive history high performance engineering-wise. I feel very blessed to have gotten these opportunities to learn and experience new things, and it's my goal to share what I've learned with others. I can't guarantee that people will always agree with what I say in full, but please understand that I'm just reciting what I know, and that I'm always willing to learn more information should it be credible and valuable.


So in that case, feel free to critique, criticize, and even refute what I say. The more passion you guys show, the more I know I'm doing something right... And that's to pull at the very strings of the foundation for who you are as a "car guy".

Keep on the lookout, as tonight I'll be starting off with an article about a historical Japanese treasure that helped to shape the whole automotive landscape as we know it.


I hope you guys enjoy what I bring to the table, and thanks for reading!

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