The Benefits of Working Night Shift

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So right now I'm working nights on the rig. This has certain advantages such as:

-Less annoying office bullshit: Everyone who works in the office is too busy sleeping to annoy me


-No HughesNet bandwidth cap after 1am: Watch all the netflix!

But the biggest one is this: my time off is during the day! Whats the advantage to this? There are awesome things I can go do during the day, most notably TRACKTIME!


That's right people, in my time off I plan to go track my car. Last week I was exposed to the awesomeness that is Harris Hill Road. Tomorrow I plan to go back and make my membership official, and get some sweet sweet driving in as well.


Current gameplan:

6am - Go right to sleep

11:30am - Wake up, shower etc

Noon - On road to Harris Hill

1:30pm - Arrive at Harris Hill

1:30pm-3:30pm - Hoonage

5pm - Back on Rig

5:30pm - Back to work :(

Then repeat?

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