An old friend of mine manages a rather successful Instagram and blog. She’s lucky enough to be loaned fancy cars to write about. I asked nicely if I could tag along.

We cruised the Bentayga around to some scenic vinyards and it was at least as good as it sounds. The wine was good, the car blew me away. As somebody who’s only car is a 28 year old Toyota, frankly the decadence is disgusting and upsetting. The rear suspension lowers at touch of a button in the boot for easy rear access, there’s a light for the vanity mirror, climate control and heated seats for all passengers, removable tablets for the rear and a separate phone-like device for controlling everything from the rear and the beautiful clock in the centre of the dash. Everything is soft-open, soft-close. The more you look the more you find.

But maybe the most impressive part was the materials. Every new car I get in (not many) has fake aluminum all over it, including bloody touch surfaces. It’s like the accountants underestimate the buyer’s intelligence such that they think nobody will notice. In the Bentley, once you stop fangirling over the acres of quilted leather, you realize everything is as real as it looks. And everything looks fantastic.


The car shown carries a pricetag of $474,000 dollaridoos - I guess you pay the cost to be the boss.

Here are some pics, taken here mostly.

Maybe it looks frumpy in this picture. But in real life it’s perfect: handsome, shapely, imposing, with echoes of all the modern Bentleys
Those barrels contained delicious wine, aging.
BENTLEY in the headlight. Union Jack on the doors. No chance of mistaken identity.
Bentley logos everywhere: seats, sills, headlights
The girl herself: Miss Andrea Michelle-Indy. Wearing the smile of a girl who got a free Bentley for a long weekend in wine country
Taken from my MR2 - yes, the Bentayga is bigger. Mine is at factory ride height - no cheating!
Bonus spot: Cadillac CTS, complete with “LEFT HAND DRIVE” stickers. I think I’ve seen this car once before, very pretty

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