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Hello there waymoe here,

Waymoe was discussing things with a coworker. She thinks that the overall unrest currently going on in central america is due in no small part to Americas war on drugs and the need for cheap labor.


Waymoe believes that it is a combination of overwhelming demand for drugs and cheap goods with the human pursuit of power, at any cost. Waymoe and this unnamed girl, Michele, went back and forth for many hours. She called waymoe bad names like fuckface and inbred monkey fucker (which is inbred, waymoe or the monkey, Waymoe will never know). Waymoe called her names like “One L” and Jennifer. Waymoe is not proud.

After we moved beyond the white rape of central america, Waymoe and Jennifer argued about best way to devil eggs. Michele preferred using a fork, mayo, and spices, while Waymoe preferred using Mastodon. This uspet Jennifer and made her attack Ms. Waymoe and her club foot. Waymoe was not please and we began to argue again. Terrible things were said and Michele actually resigned this morning. Waymoe had to speak to HR and the police but is not worried.


Anyway, what car is the best car to do car things in? Let waymoe know!

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