The 2000's were quite a historical decade. We once again landed on Mars, the world entered a massive recession, gas prices skyrocketed, and September 11th 2001 will be a day that is taught in history class for hundreds of years to come. In the car world things were a lot more exciting. The finest and fastest cars ever emerged, the muscle car war reignited, hybrids came to save the world, and luxury took on a whole new meaning with electronics. The Bugatti Veyron, the Porsche Carrera GT, the Pagani Zonda, and the Ferrari Enzo were all products of the decade.

With so many wonderful cars the question emerges, Which will be remembered as the one? The 80's had the Countach and the 90's had the F1. But what about the 2000's. What car is going to stand the test of time and forever be remembered as the greatest. The easy answer would be the Bugatti Veyron. The immense speed and the refinement will forever be a triumph of engineering. But that is not the best answer.

The 2000's was a decade of change, refinement in super cars became common place. No more was Chuck Yeager the only person capable of taking a Lamborghini to the ragged edge. Suddenly electronics wanted to help. Crashing into a tree became a thing of the past. Having three pedals in a car was outdated. It seems fitting then for the car of the decade to be the exact opposite of the Bugatti Veyron. A car that memorialized the last pursuit of craziness. A manual super car with a simple traction control button on or off. Two cars come to mind. The Porsche Carrera GT and the Ford GT. But which one is better?


It is a tough decision to make. One has possibly the best sounding V10 of all time, the other a blue collar working class hero with a engine block from an F150. One has a beechwood shifter in the ultimate pursuit of lightness and purity, the other an interior straight out of the 1960's. One has the joys of open top motoring, the other a subtly reminder that the company has 100 years of innovation under its belt. But there is only one that has appreciated in value since the day it was released.

The Ford GT. This car is going to be a legend for years to come. Especially in the United States. The Porsche Carrera GT is a wonderful car, but Ford did something right when they made the GT. The shape of the car tugs at the heart strings. The loud pedal is actually a warp speed button straight out of Star Trek. It signifies all that is great about the old guard of super cars. It has a personality that seems to be somewhat missing from super cars of today. The biggest and most important reason this car should be the car of the decade is everyone loves it. It is fast, it is beautiful, and it was a fitting end to a dying era. The Ford GT, my pick for the best car of the 21st century.


TLDR: What is the best car of the 2000's.

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