So the other day I got a flat tire on my way to work. Thank goodness I was almost at work when it went flat. I was slowing down to make the turn to the street I work on when I felt the wheel wobbling and the steering wheel jerking to the left. Pulled into work, and sure enough- flat as a pancake. I got it all jacked up, took the wheel off at put the spare on. But that's when I realized that I have the most ballin' spare ever. It's made by Enkei so you know it's legit.

I checked the date code and the tires are just over 3 years old, so dry rot is ruled out. I'm still confused how I managed a blowout on relatively fresh tires.

The spare in question, but wait for it.


BOOM! Did somebody say offset?!

Why? Because Brembos. Why Brembos? Because manual trans salesman sedan.


See the Enkei logo cast in for true legitimacy of spare.

My new tire was sitting on my front porch yesterday when I got home from work and I had it installed down the street from me shortly after. Back to work, ballin' on mismatched tires *sigh* #poorpeopleproblems


You can win 1 internet if you can correctly guess the tire by its tread.