Is the taillights.

I’ve had this 430 XDrive since Thursday, and will hopefully give it back on... Thursday?


There’s literally nothing about this car that makes me say, yeah, I’d buy that! I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it except the bluetooth connection that fires up every music/podcast/whatever app on my phone, can’t decide which I was actually listening to, and then just stops playing anything.

Or that the steering is disconnected from reality.

But it does have these silly little arms that push the seatbelt forward, so you can grab it.


(not my pic)

My daughter thinks they’re the funniest thing she’s ever seen in a car, but we can grant that her experience is limited. She’s five. But she’s not wrong.


Salient details: 2018 BMW 430i XDrive. It’s a new BMW coupe. Like, it actually has two doors. It has an engine that burns (a lot) of gas. Who knows what displacement anymore, because numbers are meaningless. It has some sort of gearbox. It doesn’t drive super nice.

And the piece de resistance...


I mean.

What is this.

It’s just a piece of plastic stuck on a piece of metal.

Signifying nothing.

This car is so dumb.

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