A father, son team joined by a cousin and a local reporter hopped in a small plane to get a one-of-a-kind close up view of the dramatic eruption of this Icelandic volcano. After a night under the stars in the Sauðárflugvöllur highlands, the team set off in the early morning twilight to capture a stunning and unique view of Earth's power and beauty.

After a 4:30am wake up call, the group crawled out of their tent, did a preflight in the cold 0Âş Celsius morning fog, then a short hop was made in the Jodel D.140, French built light aircraft to capture some amazing images. The D.140 if a light, rugged, four seater that is often used as a towplane for gliders and made a perfect craft for this off-field photo mission. Armed with 2 GoPros and a Cannon 60D they were able to capture a new fissure forming some 2km from the main area of volcanic activity.

The results are unbelievable.

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