I bent both my front summer wheels a while back in a construction zone where the road had been torn up and steel plates were littered everywhere. I had my wheels repaired at Eurobeatwheels (5 stars on Yelp, Google & Facebook) and I’m going to submit my sorta-pothole claim with the state of Maryland as this happened on a state road.

When I went to pick up my car, they were finishing up a couple things so I made idle chitchat with the lady who works up front. I asked if the name of their shop had anything to do with Initial D. She had never heard of Initial D. I’ve never actually watched Initial D, but I of course know of it, I explained that it’s a Japanese cartoon about drifting and there’s a meme about Eurobeat, blah blah blah.


She responded, “oh, yeah the name of the place has nothing to do with that, he (the owner/main wheel repairer) is European and likes Eurobeat music so he named the shop after it.”

BUT she loved the Initial D meme and showed it to the owner dude and now they’re having a good old laugh about it.

So if you’re in the DC area and need some wheels fixed, Eurobeat on over to Eurobeatwheels, they’ll take good care of you.