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The Bicycle pulley system. Good? Or Bullshit?

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Ive used one before and there was lots of string involved and I probably didn’t do it right. but I had a standard two car garage with exposed rafters and in the end I just went with hooks and hung the bike upside down by wheels because it was low enough...I had to dip my head around the bikes.


Now, I have higher cellings in the present garage and can’t reach the bike that high to put it on hooks. I’m wall mounting them currently, and they swing over on a hinge, but I’ve got bikes for a family of 4 and now not enough wall space. And I like bikes so more than 1 for me. But building a workbench, and family storage racks and organizing.....well...I guess I’m going to see how well they actually work.

What say the Oppo users of these contraptions? How has have you fared?

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