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*(update) THE BIG BASH! Final Fourza (FM4) race series blowout.

A few weeks ago I threw out this idea about finishing up all the current Oppolock Fourza racing series with a big multi-race blowout on FM4. Finish up FM4 properly with some old Oppolock friends who have not gone to XBOne just yet. Afterwards, those of us with FM6 will keep up the tradition next year.

There was interest in the idea, so I figured we should do it. Of course it all depends on commitments from the other series host, but I’ll commit to do CTSCC and Vintage Stock cars...


Here is the basic premise behind The Big Bash! Schedule the remaining series (hot hatches, classic roadsters, Grand Am, CTSCC) to all to run on the same day, back-to-back, for a total of 5 laps each. Schedule it for a holiday period weekend (like Thanksgiving weekend, or after the students are on Christmas break), when most are able to relax for a few minutes.

All previously set rules for each respective series will remain in place, and we continue to follow the established Oppolock traditions of racecraft.


Heres the biggest part of The Big Bash! that makes it unique and fun: you will jump out of one race car, and immediately go into another race and race car upon completion of the current race. This can be challenging, but its similar in concept to racing in the ABCS series of circuit races in an online lobby, where in each race you are at a different track, and PI classification of car.

19 December 2015, start time of 4:00pm EST (US) is the date and time.

* Apologies folks, but due to unforeseen issues, I will have to reschedule this until 2 January 2016. Same time, and set up.

Have a great Holiday Season (Merry Christmas) and Happy New Year!

Sound like fun? Hell yeah! Lets do this.

The CTSCC race will run at Sebring, and the Vintage Stock cars will run at Indy full.

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