The Bittersweet End of A Major Project

So recently, I’ve been wrapping up my work on this 8-part video series I did on my travels through China. It’s taken me two years to finally get it all done and squared away, and it’s almost a little sad.

It’s like... now that I’m done editing, the trip is now truly over. I’ve finished telling this great story, and now I guess I have to go find another. That said, I can’t wait.

I wonder if it’s the same with project cars. You pick up the car, rough around the edges, bursting with excitement about what it could be. Over time, there’s trials and tribulations... and for many people, the project is “never done”. And yet, for so many others, the project is completed, only to be sold in short order and the next one begun!

We truly are complicated people.

P.S. If you’re ever in China, scope the dope vintage VW Santanas before they’re all off the road. I’d fucking LOVE to bring one of these back to Australia and daily it for a while but that’ll never, ever happen.

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