Three years over schedule and $5G over budget,the Bombardier CS100 was finally awarded its airworthiness certificate this morning. It is expected to enter commercial service with Swiss early in 2016.

Its big sister, the CS300 is expected to get its certification in the coming months in order to enter commercial service with Air Baltic in June 2016.

The C-Series became the laughing stock of the aerospace industry in 2014 when the program was once again delayed for another year. Earlier this year, the program was bailed out by the Provincial government of Quebec. The federal government of the Canadian Dominion is also expected to blow a few billions of taxpayers money on the failed project.


Firm orders are stalled at 243, with no new orders in over a year. Meanwhile, its direct competition, the 737MAX and the A320Neo secured over 8,000 firm orders.

By all means, the CSeries is an excellent aircraft, but just as Blackberry with that new Android device, it may be too little and too late.